How to install custom firmware on Android

Every  Android user has heard about the so-called  custom firmware , but here’s how to install them specifically on your model of smartphone or tablet, there is very little information, or it is scattered across the Internet.  This article only applies to the installation of custom firmware using ZIP UPDATES, and …

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5 reasons Which make Telegram Best

Hi everybody. Today we will consider five motivations to utilize telegram from Pavel Durov. Probably the best errand person on the planet, which for reasons unknown has not yet flourished in Russia and Ukraine. Though this messenger have got it roots going deep in India. Go! Reason One – Speed. …

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Computer Memory

What is Computer Memory? In computer, memory is referred to a tool that’s utilized to store data for immediate use during a PC. It regularly refers to semiconductor memory, explicitly metal–oxide–semiconductor (MOS) memory, where information is put away inside MOS memory cells on a silicon incorporated circuit chip. The term …

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